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In (rough) reverse chronological order, here are the published games I have worked on, in one way or another, during my career as a game developer. There were many more that I’ve left out that never saw the light of day.


  • Slightly Mad Studios Ltd Project Cars GO (2020) (video)
  • Blazing Griffin Ltd Murder Mystery Machine (2019) (video)
  • Blazing Griffin Ltd Murderous Pursuits (2018) (video)
  • Blazing Griffin Ltd The Ship: Remasted (2016) (video)
  • Blazing Griffin Ltd Distant Star: Revenant Fleet (2015) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd VEEMEE Avatar Creator (2014) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd Audi Technology Experience (2013) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd Total Recall (2013) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd No Man’s Land (2012) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd Acorn Meadows Park (2012) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd Audi Windows (2011) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd Audi Bosendorfer (2011) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd SupaFunRoboGoalieTime (2011) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd Audi Iron Man (2010) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd Audi Sledge Multiplayer (2010) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd Audi Sledge (2010) (video)
  • VEEMEE Ltd Audi Vertical Run (2009) (video)
  • Outerlight Ltd Bloody Good Time (2010) (video)
  • Outerlight Ltd The Ship: Murder Party (2006) (video)
  • Outerlight Ltd The Ship (mod) (2004) (video)
  • Steel Monkeys Ltd Open Kart (2003) (video - pc version)
  • Creative Edge Ltd Las Vegas Tycoon (2003) (archive)
  • Creative Edge Ltd Dark Planet: Battle for Natrolis (2002) (video)