Jason Kocemba

A Writer's Fear

Writing is something mostly done in solitude, but is at its best when shared. The writing part is done alone. The writer has to turn up, take a seat, face the blank page, silence the inner critic...

Story - 'The Wedding Suit' - published

The Wedding Suit was published in jamscary.com

Ideas Above My Station

I was once told that I had ideas above my station. But how can I have ideas above my station if I have no idea where my station is supposed to be? Is it a box where I’m put to belittle me? Is it a...

Story - 'The Sky is at the Door' - published

The Sky is at the Door was published in jamscary.com

One Possible Origin

Once upon a time, I wrote a journal entry with a pen and paper about something that had happened to me a long time ago. For a while, the writing was all recollection and memory. The truth, as I saw...

Story - 'A Descent' - published

A Descent was published in jamscary.com

Story - 'I Have Become All Eyes' - published

I Have Become All Eyes was published in jamscary.com

Story - 'Moonbow' - published

Moonbow was published in Zooscape Issue 12

Story - 'Last' - published

Last was published in 365tomorrows

Story - 'A Waste of Time' - published

A Waste of Time was published in MetaStellar