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The who

I’ve been writing stories and making computer games since I was a boy.

I read my way through the children’s section of my local library and into the adult’s without any obvious transition. I’m sure that many of the things I read were inappropriate for my age, but they were never inappropriate for my imagination.

And while I read, I played computer games on arcade machines, home consoles and personal computers. I learned to code and by the act of typing symbols in the correct order I could create anything.

On a borrowed mechanical typewriter I constructed sentences and paragraphs and found I could create in a different way. I told stories, made worlds, created feelings.

All it took was imagination and practice.

The where, what, and how

This website contains:

  • links to published works for my writing and my games
  • a repository for articles, essays and thoughts about, mainly, writing and the making of games
  • posts of collected and curated links to things that I’ve learned from, consumed, found interesting, etc

I’ll post at least once a week, primarly on a Wednesday.

The why

It’s about overcoming Fear.

We’re all afraid of something: afraid of sticking out; afraid of ridicule; afraid of failure; afraid of success; afraid of being alone; afraid of being unloved; afraid of our self.

By telling stories and making games I’ve been able to perform a capitalisationectomy on Fear and make it merely ‘fear’. By making things I also make sense of the world. I’ve used stories and games to retreat and escape, but they’ve also been places to reflect, places to solve problems, places where magnificent and unlikely victories succeed against incalculable odds and the greatest of foes.

Other people’s imaginations continually reach out and touch mine. Their ideas transform and reorganise my thinking.

I hope that my imagination can reach out in turn and pay some of it back.

Take it easy,


P.S. Feel free to reach out and tell me what you think. Thank you.