Jason Kocemba

Published 'Open Mic'

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Gaming (Part 3)

The ‘Sinclair Years’ began for me with the ZX81, continued with the ZX Spectrum 48k and ended with ZX Spectrum 128. Each machine was more capable than the last, and each used the same shoebox casse...

Published 'A Superposition of Eigenstates'

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Gaming (Part 2)

Sinclair Research created the hardware, and Timex Corporation manufactured it. It was a small injection-moulded black wedge-shaped box. Its keyboard was a pressure-sensitive membrane. It was nothin...

Published 'Scars'

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Gaming (Part 1)

Eventually, the council relented and provided us with a house. After the cramped living within two rooms, we suddenly had seven (including two toilets: one upstairs and one down). To celebrate, my ...

Published 'Cinders'

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Becoming (Part 3)

It wasn’t long after the incident with the lady at the end of the bed that I undertook a solo adventure to the bottom of the tenement. The five of us lived in a one-bedroom flat in a granite tenem...

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Becoming (Part 2)

I am four years old and we live with my Mum’s mum now. I don’t know why we no longer stay in London with my Dad’s mum. My finger no longer hurts though, which is good. The scar is bright red. Five...