Jason Kocemba

Story - 'Cinders' - published

Cinders was published in jamscary.com

Becoming (Part 3)

It wasn’t long after the incident with the lady at the end of the bed that I undertook a solo adventure to the bottom of the tenement. The five of us lived in a one-bedroom flat in a granite tenem...

Story - '#itsnotmurderiftheywanttodieanyway' - published

#itsnotmurderiftheywanttodieanyway was published in jamscary.com

Becoming (Part 2)

I am four years old and we live with my Mum’s mum now. I don’t know why we no longer stay in London with my Dad’s mum. My finger no longer hurts though, which is good. The scar is bright red. Five...

Story - 'Smells Like Dark Honey' - published

Smells Like Dark Honey was published in jamscary.com

Becoming (Part 1)

I’m three years old and I’m bored. I’m behind the counter of the newsagents my Nana and Grandad run. Eventually they tire of my getting under their feet and I am shooed out the back. I wander fro...

Story - 'The Thinker' - published

The Thinker was published in jamscary.com

A Writer's Fear

Writing is something mostly done in solitude, but is at its best when shared. The writing part is done alone. The writer has to turn up, take a seat, face the blank page, silence the inner critic...

Story - 'The Wedding Suit' - published

The Wedding Suit was published in jamscary.com

Ideas Above My Station

I was once told that I had ideas above my station. But how can I have ideas above my station if I have no idea where my station is supposed to be? Is it a box where I’m put to belittle me? Is it a...