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Ideas Above My Station

I was once told that I had ideas above my station.

But how can I have ideas above my station if I have no idea where my station is supposed to be? Is it a box where I’m put to belittle me? Is it a judgement, a sentence, a place to incarcerate me?

I’ve never had, nor will I have, a station to be in. There’s nothing to have ideas above.

To those people who think in terms of stations; to those who pigeon-hole people based on their confirmation biases; to those who are arrogant enough to try and dictate where people should be, to those people I say:

Look around.

Have you unwittingly imprisoned yourself in a station of your own making? Have you become stuck in your opinions and patterns of thought? Do you look at people and find things to ridicule and put down? Do you feel better about your own situation when you do? Do you hate them for wanting to improve themselves and move forward?

If so, then you will always be looking back.

Those people that ignore your judgement will surpass you. You won’t notice as they fly past. You’ll find it hard to believe that they had the strength to leave the place where you had banished them. Being stuck and only looking back, you will see them as dim silhouettes. Those shadows are merely projections of where you think they ought to be. As long as you remain stuck, you will never realise that they have escaped.

That they have left you behind.

If there are such things as stations in a persons life, they won’t always be prisons or places to get stuck in. Instead, they’ll be temporary rest areas, places to pass through on the way to somewhere else. A place to inhabit for a while before picking a new destination.

A place where you choose to look forward.

In the way-station you attempted to banish me to, I look forward to the next connection on my journey. I’ll find another way-station and another. Any ideas I have will take me forward, where I might stretch my limits and make me be, or want to be, more than I am.

It’s got nothing to do with stations. They don’t matter at all.

To those that are on their own journey; to those that attempt to stretch themselves and strive to be better than who they are; to those that have a desire to make that continual personal growth and change; to those who dream and have ideas and search for something new, to you, I say:

See you along the way.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.