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I once applied for a job where after extensive oral interviews, I got an offer. Within the job offer, after a proposed starting date, was a sentence like this: “Oh, and by the way, would you mind doing a quick psychometric test for, you know, purely HR purposes?”

I paused. I almost told them where they could stick their job.

However, I wanted it. It sounded interesting. I had the skills and experience to do well in it. I had nothing to hide, right? I did the test: I answered a series of questions that, given a set of circumstances, made me choose an option or word that best reflected what I would do. I got the job.

What if the questions were testing for something different than what I thought they were? I knew how sneaky those psychologists were when they ran an experiment. There was likely to be an unspoken goal hidden within the survey. What if all interviews and tests were conducted purely without human intervention?

Sadly, for some, we are not that far away from what the story portrays.

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