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The Hole into the Meat

Author’s Note

You’ve seen these people in stories and movies, usually in some sort of science fiction post-apocalyptic dystopia. They are what’s left after everything falls apart and the rich live their lives relatively unchanged in their escape rooms and bunkers until it’s safe to come out and start the world over again in their image. These ‘dregs’ scrape a living as best they can from what was abandoned and the waste and excesses of those that have all the wealth. They steal or repurpose what is thrown away.

Then there’s virtual reality and the networks. If you can get access to the net and the appropriate software you can start several rungs higher in the equality scale. If you are smart and quick you can almost seem like one of the rich kids.

Marry these together and you have this story. There’s a lot to unpack in these eight hundred words.

It probably deserves time spent on it to tell it to the end.

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