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I Have Become All Eyes

Author’s Note

I forget where the phrase ‘I have become all eyes’ came from. To me, it has something ancient, omniscient and faintly religious about it.

I remember watching a TED talk about how subjective time for an AI would be magnitudes faster than our biological brains. This must have stuck in my biology for it became an important theme in the story.

Wherever the phrase came from, this story started with it as the title. The rest practically wrote itself so that the last line could quote the title.

Do you feel watched by something inside looking out?

Lifetime Events

  • Published in jamscary.com (May 1st 2022)
  • Honourably Mentioned in the Volume39/66 Spring/Summer 2021 issue Allegory (April 21st 2021)
  • Published in 365tomorrows.com (August 24th 2011)
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