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A Descent

Author’s Note

This one came out of nowhere. I started writing and this is what came out. Was I feeling down when I wrote it? Was I feeling hopeless? I don’t think so. It had a working title “Jim’s Suicide”, which was a little on the nose. It had a narrator that introduced us to the protagonist and gave us a running commentary as events unfolded.

I quite liked this narrator, this omniscient creature that liked to watch as people killed themselves. But as I re-wrote I knew the story was about Jim, and only Jim. So I got rid of that disembodied voice.

I like to think that there might be a chink of light somewhere down in the darkness with Jim. A smidgeon of hope. I’m optimistic that the story isn’t quite as nihilistic as it first appears. Or, then again, maybe I’m wrong and Jim has finally succeeded at something.

Lifetime Events

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